Massage on Arrival


It has been a busy month; you finish work, grab your suitcase and head to the airport, overjoyed that you are, at last, going on holiday! You arrive at your destination, guns blazing, what shall we do first? Cocktails at sunset? A visit to the volcano? An island tour? But wait, you came to Greece to get away from schedules, to relax and enjoy yourself, but how do you make that transition from busy bee to chilled out Charlie?


This is where the massage on arrival comes in. You just lie still for one hour and do absolutely nothing. As your body is manipulated you start to forget about that plane seat; your body relaxes and all those aches and pains start to ebb away, you can feel the stress dissolving under the hands of the therapist. Your heartbeat slows down, your mind relaxes, and you forget about all those lists of things to do, you release endorphins and a sense of wellbeing washes over you. Sometime later the voice of your therapist reaches you through that warm fuzz and slowly you bring yourself back to the here and now, on a beautiful island with wonderful weather and plenty of time to enjoy.


As you get up from the massage you realise you feel light, like someone has taken a huge weight off your shoulders, you smile and stretch and you know you are ready to start your holiday!

Keep in mind that a massage on departure is also a good idea to keep that holiday feeling going for as long as possible, in order to return home feeling refreshed and ready to get back to your real life.

Author : Charlotte Jordan

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