Dru Yoga


Dru Yoga has its roots in hatha yoga and includes classical yoga postures (asanas) and pranayama (breathing) as well as flowing, dynamic sequences. It can be slow and contemplative, with an emphasis on the breath, or it can be dynamic, adapting your breath to the flows and sequences which really make it really enjoyable.

About my classes…

My classes are fun and I like to create a relaxed atmosphere as I believe smiling and laughing are crucial to a healthy lifestyle. I consider a class successful if every student leaves relaxed, a radiant smile on their face and feeling good about themselves. Dru is a truly versatile form of yoga and suited to people of all fitness levels and I enjoy adapting each class to include all my students whatever their abilities.

During the Summer I offer regular evening classes on the beach and mornings on an open yoga terrace. Private one on one sessions at villas or hotel accommodations (by the pool or on the balcony) are also available.  Use this link for the timetable.

In the winter I offer a class in a warm community hall, and private one on one sessions in students’ homes.

Also, new in 2020 are my online classes.  In the comfort of your own home,  available live and on demand.  Use this link for more details.

Sessions are an hour long and mats are provided.   When booking please mention any health conditions.                                              

 For further information on Dru Yoga please visit dru yoga homepage